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Approach Group is a small, Boston-based consultancy founded in 1997. For 20 years we have specialized in healthcare data and everything that entails—helping healthcare and human service organizations use data and IT to manage better and improve care, cost and outcomes

We have particular areas of specialization in behavioral health and developmental disabilities, in public sector human services, and in data strategy, reporting and analytics.

We have also developed an approach for strategic problem solving both in and out of healthcare. Under our strategy practice we help organizations tackle intractable problems, develop strategy, and conduct successful negotiations.

We are small. We pay attention to our clients, choose projects only where we can really help, and manage our growth carefully. 

Approach Group was an early pioneer of the virtual company model, building a network of very good, experienced consultants with strong specialty expertise and bringing them together in expert teams as and where necessary for projects. This model lets us offer deep expertise, keep rates competitive, and provides a flexible and innovative work model for staff. 

Our clients include healthcare and human service providers, teaching hospitals, Big Four consulting firms, health plans, non-profits and state and local government agencies.

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